Our Story

It all started with a thought...the belief that I could help change people’s perceptions of the world that they live in, by telling a story through creative design. In 2005 my desire to create led me to enrol at a design college where
I could pursue my creative passions. I always remember the mantra my teacher would say, "come on Ben, be more creative.” Those words have stayed with me my entire working career, to always give your best 100% of the time and push the boundaries of creative thinking.

In 2006 Be More Creative was born and my design journey really began to flourish. Now 13 years later we have now become a national marketing and design hub that offers multi facet creative services to our customers in design, photography, videography and print.


Our vision is to inspire the world we live in through creative design.


Benjamin Mourad

Founder of Be More Creative


We're a design agency servicing clients in graphic design, videography and photography throughout Hills District, Sydney CBD, South Coast &  Central Coast.


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